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5 Amazing Data Studio Report Templates

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These are 5 fantastic Google Data Studio report templates that you can start using in just a few minutes.

All you need is a Google account, which you can sign up for here, direct access to the data sources trough the connectors, and you are good to go. If you are new to Data Studio I have a post about how to get started.

These dashboards are free to use and if you don’t find want you are looking for below, I have written another post that lists 9 Data Studio templates for SEO.

Using premium connectors

As many Google products, Data Studio is free to use and so are all templates. However, a number of so-called community connectors have been built to supplement the default connectors that come free with Data Studio. The reason these exist is because the default connectors are limited in capabilities and not that flexible when it comes to data analysis and presentation.

The leading producer of these connectors is a Finish company called Super Metrics and at the end of this list I have shared a nice Facebook report for which you will need a premium connector that you can find on

Premium connectors allow you to do more in depth research with Data Studio and I recommend exploring these if you are serious about data studio and use it daily.

How to use the dashboards

Once you have chosen the report you want to use, open the report by clicking the red links below. You should now be directed to Data Studio and the selected template.

You will then need to click on the top right corner to make a copy of the report:

Make a copy of data studio report

Finally, connect to the preset connectors that are used in the report. Note that you need to have access to the data in the Google account you are using. If you see errors, don’t worry, you can easily edit the connections in Data Studio and select what data to display where.

Ok, so here is the list of 5 gorgeous reporting dashboards for Google Data Studio – enjoy!

#1. YouTube Audience report

YouTube Data Studio Report

I love this template – it has everything you need in order to understand how your YouTube videos perform. The good people at built this Data Studio report which showcases all sorts of YouTube metrics. Once connected you can see information like daily views, total number of likes and dislikes, the average watching times, the amount of subscriptions your channels has year-to-date, as well as the top performing content.

Using this report allows for easy analysis of the type of videos that perform well on YouTube – something you can share with your clients by sending the link or send as PDF to your colleagues.


#2. Dashboard for non-profit Web Data

Non-profit Data Studio Template

From, this 6-page report give you pretty much all datapoint needed to measure the success of your non-profit campaigns. It starts off with an overview on page 1, page 2 outlines your audience’s interest and gender.

It goes on to show Adwords and SEO visits on page 4 and 5 and, finally, a useful summary of Social Media metrics on page 6.


#3. Comprehensive Billing Dashboard

Google Data Studio Project Billing Dashboard

For those interested in getting a better idea of spend, this report is for you. This report has been built by Googlers and has 13 pages and an incredible amount of available insights.

First, you have a dashboard with summaries of spends broken down by month, year, and segmented by category. It goes on to provide billing by project, resource, and also presents trending data with a linear regression spend so that you can see how your upcoming months will look like too.

Overall, this report has all you need to not only analyse where you spend money, but also to give steakholders a detailed overview of how their dollars are invested. Great for managing expectations and build trust with those holding company finances.


#4. Google Analytics Mega Report

A UK-based agency called ONE PPC has put together this 30-pages monster report for Data Studio. And it is an absolute beast!

Here are some examples of the sort of data you can analyse and present in this report:

There are 26 more pages to play around with … Here is a video of how to use the template too:


#5. Page Speed Report

Google Data Studio Page Speed Report

A company called Amazee Metrics made this report for page speed insights. It’s nice and simple and gives you a snapshot of how quickly your website loads depending on which device your visitors use.

What’s particularly good about this report – and the main reason I picked it for this list – is the breakdown of speed by browser. When it comes to optimize your UX, speed is critical and this Data Studio Template can be used to see where there is opportunity to improve load times.


Bonus report – Facebook insights

Facebook Report in Google Data Studio

This one is a beauty and a must have for Facebook marketers. To use this one you will need a Facebook insight connector which you can buy for $24.99 on

With this report you can see what posts perform the best, what your audience reach looks like for Facebook, and whether your audience likes or dislikes the stuff you share.


Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Try these other templates or drop a note in the comment section below and let me know what you are missing.


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