7 Tips to Writing Great Sports Betting Content

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As the sports betting industry in the United States continues to grow, there is an even bigger need for sports betting content. Knup Solutions LLC, is one of the industry leaders in this field, producing thousands of unique articles every month. 

If you are a freelancer creating sports betting content for clients or your own site, there are a few things to remember when looking to craft the perfect article. Here are seven tips to keep in mind if you want to write great sports betting content.

Know Your SEO Keywords

The most important tip when writing great sports betting content is to know your SEO keywords before you begin. These may or may not be provided for you, but it is a must that you take this into consideration from the beginning. 

SEO keywords help put eyes on your article, and ultimately get more visibility to the piece. If a keyword needs to be used five times in an article, then make sure that is what is done. Do some research on “keyword density” to really understand this concept further.

It helps to craft your entire article around these SEO keywords instead of trying to throw them in as you go. Understand what these keywords mean and how using them will help you produce quality content. 

Meet Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is another important tip to keep in mind, especially when you are dealing with a sport that plays games each day. You want to get the content out there as quickly as possible so that readers have a chance to find it in the search engines. 

Keep a close eye on the betting lines, and be ready to produce an article as soon as they are available. You can always make adjustments if new information is available, but bettors love making bets early. 

Know what the deadline is and make sure that you meet it. 

Use the Same Format

Another tip to remember when writing great sports betting content is to use the same format whenever possible. This is especially important when you are writing pick or preview type articles. 

After you have established a loyal readership base, it will become easier for the readers to recognize your work. This audience will also know where to look when trying to find important information. 

Short Paragraphs

Now that most people use a smartphone or other mobile device to browse the internet, it is important to keep all of your paragraphs short. Two to three sentences are the perfect length so that your content looks good on a mobile device. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to start a new thought after just three sentences, but be sure to include a space before including additional information. 

Even if your work is being viewed on a desktop computer, the layout of your article will look better in small paragraphs. 

Do Plenty of Research

If you are going to write great sports betting content, then you are going to have to do some research. You simply can’t write a great article without doing this step. 

Companies want sports betting content delivered from an expert, and you can only achieve this by doing some research before you begin your writing. Some sports will have more information available, but it is your job to find whatever you can.

Always be sure to check injury reports for each team, and double-check that you are spelling names of players right. Misspelling names is one way to prove that you have not done the research, and your content will be questioned. 

Don’t List Stats

Another tip when writing sports betting content is to not simply list stats in your articles. Providing the reader with important stats is fine; you also need to explain what these stats mean.

You also don’t want to make sure that you focus on the statistical categories that are common knowledge for the average sports fan. All of your readers aren’t going to be experts, and they don’t want to spend time trying to figure out what the stats mean. 

If you are going to include a stat in your article, then be ready to explain why that matters in a certain matchup. 

Wide Range of Sports Knowledge 

The final tip for writing great sports betting content is to have a wide range of sports knowledge. You don’t need to be an expert on every sport that is played, but it is important to have a little knowledge of different sports. 

You will be able to gain some knowledge by doing research as mentioned above, but retaining that information is key. This will also allow you to spend less time doing research and more time perfecting your writing. 

There will be some unique content requests that come in from time to time, and you want to be able to handle these jobs. If you are going to write sports betting content, then you need to arm yourself with enough knowledge as possible. 

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