Who am I?

I am a Swedish-born Digital Marketer with a decade of experience with SEO

I lead a team of SEOs at The Stars Group where I build onsite SEO strategies for PokerStars, PokerStars Casino, BetStars, and Full Tilt Poker

What I do

I build strategies and manage SEO operations for many domains in different languages. I also build websites such as this one, and create content campaigns like this engineering glossary, and I manage SEO teams (for which I have been rewarded employee of the month). I speak about SEO and build data studio dashboards (like this one for searchcamp).

I am quadrilingual, I have a BA in English from Dalarna University, I am a certified scrum product owner. I am also married with two children and I play the drums.

How I got into SEO

When I first came to London in 2009 I worked as a drummer, doing random gigs like playing in music videos and performing live. To make some cash on the side I decided to teach drums. There was only one problem: I didn’t know how to find students.

I decided to try and promote my drum lessons online but I didn’t have a website yet and couldn’t afford a web designer to build one fore me. I had to take matters in my own hands and learn how to build a website by myself.

Creating my first online business

To get started I had to learn the basics of web programming. The good thing about being Swedish is having access to free education, and Blekinge Institute of Technology offered an online distance course in frontend web development. I signed up to the course and during one semester I learned basic CSS, HTML, PHP and SQL. At the end of the semester I had built my first website and was ready to start booking in some students.

Now I had a different challenge: my website didn’t have any visitors.

I started Google:ing things like “How to get visitors to your website“, then “What is SEO“, followed by “A beginners guide to PPC“, and began researching what I needed to do to find new customers through Google.

There was already plenty of available content explaining SEO and PPC, and I soon understood what I had to do in order to rank my new site. Not long after, the website started to appear in the first page of Google’s search result for [drum lessons london] and similar terms. I spent ~£20 per week on PPC and got around 20 clients per week – job done!

My wow! moment

As the first emails and phone calls from potential customers came in and my studio quickly got booked up, I started to feel like I was onto something big:

I realised that there was a world outside music that had a lot to offer: Internet Marketing

I also learned something even more valuable during this process which is that if you dedicate enough time and focus in learning something new, eventually, you will get it. I try to adapt that mindset still today when I want to acquire a new set of skills, like a programming language, or, my latest hobby: solving a Rubik’s cube.

My music adventures

When I was 13 I joined a band with which I played for 12 years (you can read bout them on Wikipedia, but only in Swedish or German). We moved to Berlin, got signed to Universal Music and released an album before we stopped playing together. (Click the play button to have a listen at one of the songs).

Playing music is like running any business

In the music business you get to experience incredible highs and tough lows. But when you are UP, you’re UP!

I played music for many years not because for my love for music but because of the travelling, all the interesting people you meet, the fun and weird situations you find yourself in.

Today music is not a central part of my life, although I jam with my two kids and still do the odd gig now and then, but only for fun.

Some pics from my life as a musician

  • Playing live music


2017 has been a fun year for SEO, with many interesting development in search – from voice search to a mobile first world – and there are many fascinating advancement in the industry to look forward to.

I will be speaking publicly about SEO and share my thoughts on the things that keep me excited about the field of Search. If I meet you at one of these events, pop by and say Hi – I love chatting about SEO and digital marketing in general.

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