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The question you might be asking yourself is: HOW DO I CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE?

While it's true that many Dallas SEO consultants know how to do SEO, finding the right SEO service provider for your business can be tricky: there are quite a few here in Dallas/Forth Worth.

If you want more visitors from Google, you have come to the right place. I am a Dallas SEO Consultant with over 9 years of practical experience in the field of digital marketing, I can help you drive free traffic from Google and Bing. 

Step-by-step SEO process: Research | Content | Technical | UX | Conversion

Growing your business through SEO
I have helped companies drive revenue and growth from SEO since 2009. Regardless of the size of your business - from local businesses in the Dallas Metroplex to global corporations - I can help you drive real value from SEO.
Dallas SEO Consultant Manuel Martinez
What I can do for you


Compared to all other digital channels, SEO is the most cost-efficient way to bring converting customers to your website. I have a proven track record of ranking highly for the most valuable keywords there are and I can do the same for you.

User Experience

Ranking a website is only the first step in converting a visitor into a customer. I take a user-first approach to UX with the aim of making each visitor want to come back for more

Growth Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. In fact, ranking highly in Google requires a unique SEO strategy that is tailored to your business. I not only build a tailored strategy, I also work closely with your internal teams in order to implement it.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing has as many definitions as websites engaging in it. My view on content is that it needs to lead to brand awareness, shares & links, and, ultimately a better performing website.

SEO is the most cost-efficient way of acquiring new customers online

Real results that speak for themselves

I have a proven track record of achieving top ranking positions for a range of valuable keywords and search queries. Below are some examples the results following successful SEO campaigns:

Dominating competitive markets

The Nordic markets are notoriously difficult due to local web inventory and the competitive landscape. I ran a linkbuilding programme for just under 2 years and solidified 1st positions for a range or high volume poker terms. 

Read my Google reviews

  • Manuel is an exceptional realitor, helping find the perfect home!

    thumb Michael Martinez

    Manuel is an SEO expert well rounded in Technical/On-page/Off-page activities. I had the pleasure to learn so much from Manuel in the past and sow every website he builded (he is not a Dev but hey, occasionally SEO can surprise you!) rise in keyword rankings and authority very quickly reaching a great volume in the niche they were targeting. He has also great presentation skills and you can find quite a few interesting articles where he share some great techniques he used to outrank competitors. Recommended.

    thumb Dario Calvo

    Manuel is a great resource and wonderful to work with when it comes to SEO and digital strategy. Specifically his knowledge around how to use structured data is impressive. I have been intimidated and confused about the process for years and he not only provided clarity, but was able to create a path to implementation on my sites that didn't confuse me.He was also able to show me how to track my performance online better and understand how to approach link building. He really has a passion for SEO and SEM and is a pleasure to work with!

    thumb Margarita O
  • I was working for Manuel when he worked as a manager at Poker stars. he was such a pleasant person with so much tolerants. i could address him with any question and he always answered with understanding and professionalism. the cooperation was excellent and efficient due to his wonderful management skills

    thumb efrat greenwald

    Manuel is a savvy internet marketer who has mastered the skills of SEO and SEM over many years of hard work and common sense. His achievements in business are testament to his strategies.He is a passionate SEO consultant with strong work ethics. He is a fantastic person to work with. Open minded, when you get to connect with him, you'll discover an amazing person with unique skills!I highly recommend him.

    thumb David St Martin

    Great guy to work with, currently working to establish a partnership for a new website. Works diligently and has great SEO skills. The site traffic and indexing scores are already top notch.

    thumb Margey Shah
  • Manuel has a vast experience in seo and is always a pleasure to work with. We worked together for a variety of SEO projects. He was highly professional, always responded quickly and with detailed explanations. An asset for anyone that wants to increase the organic presence of his business.

    thumb Antonis K

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My step-by-step approach to SEO

#1 - Understand your target CUSTOMERS

Knowing your customer SEOBefore building a SEO strategy for your website we need to sit down and talk about you and your business.

Why? Because to get real valve from your traffic I need to know WHO your target customers they are and WHAT they search for in Google.

How do I know who my customers are and what they want? - you might ask.

Good question!

To answer these you will need to start digging into your analytics and customer profile databases.

WHO are your customers?

Who are your customers?

Hopefully you already have target customer profiles but if you don't, the answer may lie in other paid digital campaigns, where detailed customer segmentation exists, such as Facebook. Here, you can get a good idea of the target audience and their remits. 

WHAT do your customers search for?

Except looking the products that you sell, knowing what else they look for in Google requires some research. The aim is to find the keywords, topics, entities and ontologies related to your product offering.

Here is an example of searches someone looking for a plumber in Dallas might make:

dallas plumber seo searches

Once I know the WHO and the WHAT I can build a matrix of search terms and topics to target with your SEO.

Now that you know who you want to target with your SEO, let's move on to step 2 - the content.


#2 - Create the CONTENT they are LOOKING FOR

Content writing for SEOBased on what we find in step 1, we know start producing content.

This content should create brand awareness and drive both long-tail and short-tail traffic. 

How do you create brand awareness?  - is another great question.

Well, if you consistently provide users with what they want, they will remember your brand. Is that simple.

Look at this dashboard from Google Analytics:

SEO traffic growth example

Since April 2017 the traffic of this website went from 2,100 to 5,330 per month. That's an increase in traffic by 153% and I didn't spend a dollar on advertising.

This was achieved by writing content that visitors wanted to find and that Google wanted to RANK. 


#3 - Help Google FIND your content

Google RobotAn important aspect of SEO is the technical optimization.

Technical SEO refers to changes you make to your website to help the search engine bots to find your content and surface it in their index.

It all starts with a technical SEO audit.

In this audit I will examine a wide range of technical aspects of your website.

I look at things such as

  • Errors encountered in the process of crawling and indexing. (I use tools such as OnCrawl to determine whether the right sections are found and at what rate they are visited by the Google bots)
  • Mobile friendly-ness
  • Site speed

Look how at this screenshot from This is how my website performs after optimizing it for speed:

Website speed test for SEO

  • Content duplication
  • Missing pages
  • Erroneous pages. These are pages that either return a 4xx response - such as 404  (which is the technical name for pages that are not found), pages that have been redirected elsewhere (known as 301s), and 5xx-pages (those pages that return a HTTP error, caused by the server).
  • Identity scripts that may affect performance negatively
  • Find content that can be marked up with structured data. (I have created a structured data SEO quiz for those of you who want to brush up on your schema knowledge)

Here is a deck from a presentation I gave, around the topic of structured data and

in 2018, technical SEO is as important as it ever has been with Google putting more emphasis on well configured-website that fits their idea of the web 

I can help you with getting your technical SEO and get your online business optimized for Google.


#4 - Make users STAY on YOUR WEBSITE

SEO hourglassGoogle tries to figure out whether visitors like your website more than your competitors - and rank them accordingly.

How do they do that? They do so, in part, by measuring user engagement metrics such as:

  • Clicks from Google
  • Bounce rate (if they stay on your page or go back to Google)
  • How long visitors stay on your website
  • How many pages they visit during one session

According to a study by SEMrush, these metrics may influence how well you rank in Google.

ranking factors by SEMrush

In a nutshell, if users stay longer on your website, you tend to rank better in Google. 

What does this mean for my SEO? - is the question that follows

It means that you need to keep both Google and your visitors happy at the same time.

You will need to:

  • ensure your pages load quickly
  • cater for mobile users
  • avoid too many ads
  • use clear navigation

But most important: answer the query that looked for - and do it well.


#5 - CONVERT your visitor into CUSTOMERS

Convert visitors to customers SEOTo drive real value from your visits you will need to convince them to BUY something. 

What makes visitors BUY from your website? - one might wonder

The following is important when convincing people to purchase a product or service online:

  • price
  • reviews
  • brand recognition
  • good delivery (fast and with a return policy)

Can you tick all those boxes?

Good - you are ready to start converting your new customers from SEO. 

If no - great: we have something to talk about.

Convinced yet?

Contact me on LinkedIn to let me know about what you want to achieve from SEO - I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule in an initial consultation.



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