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Introducing BetBluff

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My buddies over at Digit Inspiration are developing a game, introduced to the world of gambling,  and asked me to share their new idea here on my site.

Here is BetBluff:

“We are developing a new online game – BETBLUFF – that will open a new online entertainment category.

We already have been awarded 2 national and international prizes in the field of innovation, due to the originality of the revolutionary mechanism of our game!

Imagine a betting and strategy game …

  • that is played with NO cards, whose gameplay is unique and phenomenal
  • where players’ intuition power and level of socialization is maximized
  • in which winning players feel they succeeded because of their own merit and not just due to chance factor or “due to the card that arrived at the end”! Because each player builds his own “hand”
  • where the first two betting rounds have the purpose to build the payer’s hand and in the third round the players can bet freely: they are able to call, fold, raise or even bet all the chips.

BetBluff was inspired in the traditional Portuguese game “The coin game”.

Some players say it’s another way of playing poker… Poker without cards… but with more adrenaline… not only just bluff, there is a lot of action and you can also deceive your opponents.

Others say it’s a skill game… and some of them call it a social and strategy game, much like chess or Sudoku!

Well, BETBLUFF is really a mix of all these concepts!


The only decision element are the chips, which have a dual purpose in the game, and also being added the element of dissimulation. The only betting game in the world where there is no explicit luck factor.

This is a disruptive online game, a social game, a strategy and casino betting game, aimed at gambling and online strategy players (around 100 million in the world).

At the moment, it is at its digitization stage and next stage will focus on promotion and international launching.

An online demo is already completed for testing. We invite all possible partners – not only gambling operators but also social games companies – to contact us to schedule a game session.

BetBluff can be played on Facebook, on websites (where players will be able to compete against each other), on the usual gaming platforms, in online casinos, and later in face-to-face tournaments.

Here is a demo of the game

Let me know if you’d like an introduction to the guys at Digit Inspiration.

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